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I have removed all previous posts on this blog except for the Income Tax mini-seminar. I also left on a review of a Lawrence Block book, one of my favorite Matt Scudder novels.  I need to focus on promoting my historical novel DESTINIES, finishing and publishing FICTION WRITING: How to Write Your First Novel, and get moving on my next novel set in Virginia at the end of the American Revolution.

Blogging, as any of you know who do blog, is a time sucker, slu-u-u-rp and most of a day is gone.  I do plan to blog again, but hard to say when I can get back to it.  In the meantime, of course I hope you will read DESTINIES, leave comments for me whenever you wish, which I do respond to, and connect with me on Facebook
or Twitter my ‘handle’ being KarleeneMorrow

Until I get back, hope to connect with you on FB or Twitter.

Cheers from the gorgeous Oregon Coast.


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